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(You’ve had a fling with an uptown 5K—you and 5,000 other freaks.) I wasn’t always this dedicated. I started referring to my “weekly mileage,” like this was a normal thing to do.

I was a decent runner at university, but I adopted a more casual relationship with the sport after an injury ended my competitive career early on. Nora, my wife (girlfriend at the time), was supportive of my increasing fanaticism, although I think it still baffles her that anyone would take running so seriously.

In 2005, Jermaine made a decision to pursue an acting career as it was his life long fantasy.

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He went to Trinity High School in Hulme and left with GCSE's.

After leaving School Jermaine then became involved in a major gang from the city which then lead to him living a very dangerous and gritty life for the next 3-4 years.

Most of my friends were more interested in binge drinking than hill repeats, so I took some time off—by which I mean about nine years. In this, her attitude is consistent with that of her alma mater, the Rhode Island School of Design.

The school’s basketball team is called the Balls; the hockey team is called the Nads.

Growing up in Manchester Marcquelle was a recognized sports star, captain of most teams gave him the dedication and focus needed .

Whilst excelling at sports, he was also a budding ...

On the following morning after his 19th birthday May 31st 2009 Jermaine tragically witnessed his older brother Samuel, who was a student at Stoke University, being murdered by a knife man and it was Jermaine and his close friend who had to carry Samuel's body to the hospital where he was pronounced dead at the young age of 22.

Since that day, Jermaine decided to change the path of his life and dedicate it to his brother who was on a positive path in life.

He said: "I haven’t dated in a long time really because I went away to do the movie then did the album so I haven’t in a while.


  1. He authored the book Boulle's Jewels: The Business of Life in 2012.

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