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As the web of deceit surrounding the murder grows, including certain members of the police force, Malone is...Luccello dalle piume di cristallo (The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, 1970) established a set of narrative paradigms that Argento would continue to follow in his subsequent naturalistic thrillers Il gatto a nove code (The Cat ONine Tails, 1971) and Quattro mosche di velluto grigio (Four Flies on Grey Velvet, 1971).No trip to Hana should be without a stop at the famed Hasegawa General Store.

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Like a mix of The Lower Depths and Children of Men, the films negative tone was coupled with the positivity of the music, especially by the fictional Yen Town Band that performed through the story.

Being an integral part of the story with specifically composed songs by Shunji Iwai, famed music producer "Scobie Malone" (1975) Adapted from John Cleary's series of Aussie detective novels, "Scobie Malone" (also known as Helga's Web and Murder at the Opera House) is a 70s 'Ozploitation' murder mystery with a sexy wink to the crime genre.

This is where Captain James Cook’s ships anchored in 1778.

These strange visitors riding the waves on what the Hawaiians thought were heiau, or temples, of the god Lono, were greeted by the Maui Chief Kalaniopuu and the young man who would later become King Kamehameha I and unite the Hawaiian islands.

A Bűbájos boszorkák (eredeti angol címén Charmed) egy sikeres amerikai televíziós sorozat Aaron Spelling rendezésében, melynek nyolc évadát a The WB csatorna sugározta az Egyesült Államokban.

A sorozat a világ három legerősebb jó boszorkányáról szól, akiket a természetfeletti társadalom „bűbájosok” néven, mindenki más pedig családnevük után „Halliwellként” ismer.Minden nővérnek különleges varázsereje van, amely befolyásolja életeiket.A bűbájosok egy san franciscoi udvarházban élnek együtt és természetfeletti képességeiket démonok, vámpírok, warlockok és más alvilági lények ellen használják.Based on the novels of forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, the Fox series Bones details the investigations of socially-awkward forensic anthropologist/mystery novelist Temperence Brennan (Rose Red's Emily Deschanel, daughter of cinematographer Caleb Deschanel) whose fictional alter ego becomes Kathy Reichs in a reversal of the novels and FBI agent/former army sharpshooter Seeley Booth (Angel's David Boreanaz) who is appointed the agency's liaison with the Washington D. museum The Jeffersonian Institute for homicides in which there is not enough soft tissue to identify the victim and the cause of death.The street smart and beaurocratically-aware FBI agent finds himself at sea in a lab full of "squints" (his nickname for scientists because "they squint at things") including Brennan, assistant Zack Addy (...Because of its sheltered bay, safe anchorage, and excellent fishing Hana travel was popular with Polynesian and other Pacific mariners for centuries before Europeans arrived on the island.


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