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And so it was rather a surprise three weeks ago when Priscilla shared a paparazzi picture taken of her and the singer Tom Jones, 76.

"But they've been careful not to be pictured together because they don't want the pressure of the relationship being in the public eye." They added that Nicole’s ex Lewis Hamilton isn’t exactly thrilled at her moving on. Grigor previously dated other tennis star’s Serena Williams and five-time grand slam champion Maria Sharapova.

"He's been desperately trying to talk to Nicole over the last few weeks." Nicole was with the Formula 1 driver on and off for over seven years.

He previously dated singer Sheryl Crow in the early 2000s, and also had a relationship with actress Kate Hudson after they met on the set of the 2006 film You, Me and Dupree.

The pair had reportedly been planning to marry in 2008 but split for good the following year.

After taking the reins of Elvis’s business affairs in the early Eighties, she’s built up a personal fortune of around £80 million, plus helped to make a further £800 million or more for daughter Lisa Marie, who is Elvis’s sole heir.

All of which leaves little time for social media: she posts on Instagram no more than a dozen times a year.

Maria Sharapova is now ranked at No.4 in the world and she looks like she is steadily improving towards the Sharapova goal of being the No.1.

Maria has not lost her drive to succeed - unlike some of the attractive tennis talents who have graced the tennis courts in the past such as Anna Kournacova.

Maria Sharapova Australian Open 2006 Warming up - you will to when you see Maria in a swimsuit in Sports Illustrated A few months earlier there is 30th - 5th February ATP Internazion ali di Lombardi in Italy, Milan not as classical as Rome but Milan is the centre of style in Italy and as Sharapova loves style we are sure Maria will enjoy shopping in some of the famous designer boutiques.

2005 saw Maria playing in the WTA China Open, Beijing, China, ATP Thailand Open, Bangkok, Thailand , Porsche Tennis Grand Prix Germany to name a few.

Maria will get to know a lot of hotels this year in Australia, Madrid , Moscow , Bangkok etc.


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