Telugusexchating stories before

nannu ' orey bathroom lo new soap petti towel kuda pettu mee attayyaki ani andhi'.. sundari:nenu sigguthoo naa rendu chetulu naaa jacket meeda sollaki addam pettaaanu Nboy:naa rendu chetulu saripoledhu.. appatike nigidi unna naa modda ni nee gudda meedha rudhaanu..cheera meedha..

sundari:wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Nboy:nenu venaka nunchi naa rendu chethulto gattiga okkasariga nee sallani pattukunnanu.. sundari:naaaku naa menalludu naa mogudu ikkada sundari:anukunaanu manasulooo Nboy:nee panty ni kindaki theesesaanu Nboy:ninnu muddhulatho munchesaanu.. sundari:nee pelaam laagaa sundari:nannu chestunaav sundari:( nee menatha ni) Nboy:naa nigidina moddani okkasaariga nee pukulo sarruna pettesaanu.. Nboy:nenu nemmadhi denguthuu nee jacket hooks theesesaanu..

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He is bachelor (Pranjal) and he is also around 23 years which is around my wife’s age. I too told him to stay in my house even it is single bed room house as I am staying with my wife and my 2 years old son there is no problem.

As I believed my wife and her friend I never had any doubt about them.

I took water bottle which is nearer to my bed and drunk the water and tried to sleep. Suddenly I heard some sort of sounds from the next room where her friend was sleeping. I woke up forgoing to toilet but my bed room door is closed from outside. I shocked to hear my wife’s moans coming from that room. But I realized that if anybody comes to know it I cannot show my face to them.

So I kept quite and tried to observe what they are doing.

Even my wife was staring at him I thought shewas looking at him normally.

One day i was drunk with him and feel asleep at night suddenly I felt thirsty in the midnight. Then I went to the window which is nearer to next room window and tried to hear what is happening there.

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