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A seller needs to determine is whether to sell stock or assets.Generally, a shareholder will want to sell stock while a buyer will want to purchase assets.

Selling stock in a C corporation will yield a capital gain or loss measured by the purchase price less the seller’s basis in stock.

When a corporation decides to shut down, it might liquidate its remaining assets, and even some of its debts, to shareholders.

That could change over the next several years depending on what happens with individual and corporate tax rates, the tax rate on dividends, company growth plans and nature of the particular business, but I digress.

The tax consequences of selling a business organized as a C corporation can vary tremendously depending on a few key factors.

The tax treatment of liquidating distributions of debt to shareholders impacts the amount of gain or loss shareholders report on their tax returns.

Liquidating distributions also has tax implications for the corporation that may need to be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on the company's final return.

” While a thoughtful, thorough discourse on the tax aspects of selling a business is beyond the scope of a simple blog post, there are certain things that the seller should know.

For ease of discussion, let’s assume a single owner of the business.

Sales of stocks produce either a capital loss or gain.


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