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They have recently performed to sell-out crowds at The 2016 Edinburgh Tattoo, and their display is sure to wow the audiences in Belfast!

We will also be joined by The Winnipeg Police Band, who have over 900 years of history.

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We look forward now to The Belfast Tattoo 2017 which will be bigger and better than 2016.” This share a suite price is only available by contacting the commercial team directly on 02890766036 or email [email protected] perfect way to enjoy a show in luxury surroundings. VIP Suite Hospitality Menu If you would like to book The West Lounge please contact the Box Office on 028 9073 9074.

Our operators will be more than happy to assist you.

Returning to perform in The 2017 Belfast Tattoo are Lume De Biqueira Bagpipe Band from Madrid, who first performed here in 1014.


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