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And what's up with this basket and blanket, anyways? I just can't take care of them..", he almost whispered at the end and I swear, he was about to cry.

You get different families depending on how your characters bond with eachother.

It's a little confusing at first, but there are plenty of forums online where you can find information on how to get certain families. Instead of a shop where you buy items, there is a shopping tv station on your Tamagotchi.

I am always working overtime, sometimes I don't even come home.

Yes, he just ran and left me, standing there in a daze.

Notes: The Tamagotchi Generation Two is very similar to Generation One in terms of programming.

The two "generations" have different characters and a different game in each, and a number of other minor differences, such as small differences in the Meal and Snack options,the background of the Tamagotchi and in the animation that is shown at the end of a Tamagotchi's life. Notes: The Tenshitchi no Tamagotchi was released in Japan in August 1997 with three different designs, and a later English version, the Tamagotchi Angel, was released in America and Europe with four designs.When a Mesutchi and Osutchi connect in the adult stage, their mating may result to a child.Both Mesutchi and Osutchi feature 31 characters each.I personally really enjoy the games on this version because there is a Tennis game, and I love Tennis lol There isn't much to say about this version that hasn't been said about the V5 already, so I won't bother writing much else.The version I got is a very rare prototype that was meant to be blank so that actual celebrities could sign it, but it was never officially released by Bandai.You won't need to care for them when this function is activated because they are "away on holiday" so to speak : P Also instead of a discipline feature, there is a "family bonding" feature.

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