Table not updating with form

Can you show how it is done so that the "Customer Name" is on the Orders Table? On the form under "Unpaid Balance" I created a formula such as; = [Billed Amount]-[Amount Paid] and calculates correctly on the form but does not update the "Orders Table" . You don't need to store the Customer Name in the Orders table if you already have the Customer ID. If you want to store the unpaid balance in the table, the corresponding control should have the Unpaid Balance field as Control Source instead of a formula.

Table not updating with form Horny f wechat

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One refreshes the document table and the other (on the toolbar above the datasource section) refreshes the datasource table (at least in my LO

You can enter changes in either the document table or the datasource table then refresh the other to see the changes.

Because the purpose of a Record widget is to perform an action on datasheet records, it will always be associated with a specific datasheet.

You can even create a Record widget by dragging a datasheet from the Directory panel to a page’s canvas, which eliminates the need to select a datasheet.

I’ve been seeing a lot of talk lately about linked SQL Server tables…ever since I’ve started this blog I’ve address it several times, but there have been some changes since my last diatribe that warrant revisiting the issue again. In the old days some developers would use unbound forms and elaborate code to read/write to SQL Server, and for good reasons: Linked tables will allow you to bind your forms and make it easier to design and use them, run queries in Access and use lookup tables. There are several issues you need to be aware of when using linked tables.

Linked tables are a great way to leverage SQL Server in your app.

However, the document does not refresh the data by re-running the query when the document is opened.

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