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There are a ton of different dating apps, sites and services like Tinder that let you chat with a prospective date when there's a match made—however, the Chinese Bilin app lets you call another user instead of exchanging text-based messages.


Google adsense has become a very popular tool for making money from your site by showing advertisements.

But sometimes you see PSA – better known as Public Service Ads on your pages.

With their approval, you'll then be able to make calls to them during a 24-hour period.

Even with pictures and entertaining profiles, online dating can be quite impersonal and this app at least lets you hear the other person's voice.

As for name of fish and seafood see separate articles!

Sushi ———————————————– Traditional Japanese Fish & Seafood Classification Akami/赤身: red-fleshed fish (tuna, bonito, etc) Ebi-Kani:海老・蟹: crustaceans (shrimps, crabs, etc) Gyoran/魚卵: Fish roe (salmon roe, etc) Hikarimono/光り物: “shining fish” (scabbard fish, etc.) Ika-Tako/烏賊・鮹: Squids (cuttlefish) and octopuses Kai/貝: shellfish Nagamono/長もの: “long fish” (eels, etc.) Others/その他: squilla and sea urchins, sea slug (sea cucumber),seaweed, tamagoyaki, vegetables, etc.It's almost being able to go on a speed date, since a quick chat should indicate if you might click just as well in person.Bilin reportedly now has over 20 million registered users and a total of 10 million minutes have been used.After a rigorous inspection of each chef’s area – the judges were awarding points for cleanliness and method as well as technique – they were off, deftly slicing fat slabs of glorious, plump fish and shaping rice with idiosyncratic flourishes.Observing the preparation was incredibly interesting, and the knife skills on display were staggering.Saamon/サーモン: salmons Shiromi/白身: white-fleshed fish (sole, etc.) Sushi History Although “sushi” is presently written “寿司”, it is only a modern way of writing it (“ateji/当て字”, onomatopoetic writing).


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