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Can this style of dating help more Singaporean singles, perhaps?

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She has traveled all over the world for fashion weeks and photo-shoots while working for fashion magazines - Fashion Editor of Cosmopolitan and Editor-in-Chief of the Cosmopolitan Shopping and Collezioni magazines.

Nadia and Irina specialize in Private Introduction Services, Upscale Matchmaking in New York, Long Island, NJ, and CT.

"Single Koreans may be discreet in not openly advertising the fact, but if asked, they won't deny it either," she said in a Facebook post yesterday at the end of the South Korean leg of her trip.

"Starting early, proactively reaching out to meet new friends, openness to getting help, and having a relaxed attitude all seem to be the essential ingredients to enjoyable and successful dating.

is partnering up with matchmakers, Nadia and Irina, to help singles to look better and improve their dating ventures.

She is a busy personal stylist with over 17 years experience in the fashion world.We got engaged a few months ago and are now planning our wedding!We wanted to thank you for helping us meet each other! Full-heartedly we wish you all the success in the world!PHOTO: GILES KEYTE Bridget (Zellweger) is 43 and alone. She says it's too late because "they are probably hard-boiled by now".But chance encounters with the freshly divorced Darcy (Firth) and Qwant (Dempsey) result in her getting pregnant.Singles in Singapore tend to be shy about getting help to date or look for a partner, even when they cannot find someone themselves.

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