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Specifically, females carry out more mild physical (Validación de la versión modificada de la Conflicts Tactics Scale (M-CTS) en población juvenil española.

Violence in the affective-sexual relationships of adolescents is a theme that has been highlighted by the literature as a result of its high rates of prevalence.

The research is being conducted under the terms of an explicit agreement (see the website cited above) that specifies the rights and obligations of the Principle Investigator and of each consortium member.

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It has different characteristics, while many factors are shown to be associated with its occurrence.

The present study investigated the affective-sexual relationships of adolescents, focusing on the experiences as perpetrators and victims of different types of violence between partners.

In my opinion, it would be even more appropriate to say that what success has been achieved in preventing and treating PV has been achieved the handicaps imposed by focusing exclusively on eliminating male-dominance and misogyny, important as that is as an end in itself.

Graham-Kevan’s paper raises the question of how an explanatory theory and treatment modality could have persisted for 30 years and still persists, despite hundreds of studies which provide evidence that PV has many causes, not just male-dominance.

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The methodological results show that the measures of physical and sexual violence have acceptable to high alpha coefficients of reliability in all but one of the sites and that there is evidence indicating the construct validity of these measures. The work was supported by National Institute of Mental Health grant T32MH15161 and the University of New Hampshire.

A novel aspect of this study compared with the great majority of published studies is analysis of a) the frequency of violent behaviors (and not only their presence or absence) to study significant mean differences and b) potential gender and age related differences in the patterns of violence.

Results indicate the high prevalence of violence in Spanish dating relationships.

Third, it presents preliminary results on rates of physical and sexual assault against dating partners by students at 14 universities in eight countries (three in Europe, two in North America, two in Latin America, and one each in Asia, and the Middle East).


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