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Watch as Steven gives his indispensable advice on these all-important life subjects to audiences across America on these national programs.

In addition to these videos, check out the blog page of this website to get Steven’s take on everything involving love, dating, and relationships as they appear on other national TV shows.

Engineered to screen out liars, fakes, scam artists, and bots (all the things you don’t want a new lover to be), it is able to establish multiple levels of trust, and ensure that users are who they say they are.

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It serves as a complement, and a substitute, to existing dating sites and services with features like identity authentication, background checks, photo verification, ephemeral messaging, and more.

Love Lab succeeds where no other dating app or online dating service has before.

Steven Ward is the renowned expert on dating, love, and relationships.

With his keen eye and incisive wit, he has a lot of valuable information to share.

In addition to his appearances on national TV programs including Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, The Today Show, Good Afternoon America, and many more, Steve shares his crucial insight as the host of “Tough Love” on VH1.

Recently, Steven Ward founded and launched Love Lab, a new mobile application designed to help people verify the identities and backgrounds of those they are dating.According to PEW Research Center, 54% of online daters report having gone out with people who seriously misrepresented themselves online first.Love Lab is a utility designed to give those looking for love a credible way to meet authentic singles and the means to verify people they meet elsewhere as well.Love Lab® is a mobile app for singles created by mother-and-son matchmakers Steven Ward and Jo Ann Ward.Widely known as the executive producers and stars of VH1’s “Tough Love,” these experts in dating and relationships wanted to solve a problem that anyone who has dated online would be familiar with.Love Lab gives those looking for love a safe and secure way to develop chemistry with people they meet anywhere.

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