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This experience is at the polar extreme to anything I’ve previously been used to.

My weekends used to revolve around jam-packed bars and clubs, where conversations had to be conducted at a similar decibel-level to sergeant majors on a parade ground, and where everyone was out to out-impress everyone else.

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Spice of Life Online Dating Site Australia offers members an email service that is not only private but also anonymous which is the perfect way to communicate and get to know others online.

Our secure email system ensures that your personal details remain private at all times.

Dear Spiceoflife, I was able to find someone compatible through your service and no longer wish to be listed.

Please delete my profile and thank you so much for yourwonderful service.

The daring worker who visits foreign land from time to time requested by your company, the real social chameleon who blends in seamlessly with the locals?

If the answer is yes, than you might find love a bit of an issue, as constantly moving from place to place – bridging two continents even – makes dating really difficult.

I am not offended by a dirty joke and can dish out one of my own. I read recommends that women not describe themselves as “attractive” or “intelligent.” Errrrrrrr. (To be fair, they basically argue those words are vague and have no meaning. On the other hand, the article manages to be sexist anyway.)OH MY SWEET LITERARY HAVEN. If you’ve never heard of FRANZEN you can’t expect to be approached by intelligent men?!?

Let me tell you something, buster, Franzen is not Shakespeare, and having “heard” of someone is hardly a test of intelligence.

If you’re into online dating and you’ve been doing it for a while, your love life may begin to feel stagnant after several months.


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