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Zahi Hawass has one of the most incredible jobs in all of archaeology. Furthermore, the 'face on mars' has reasonably, and not surprisingly, been shown to simply be a trick of shadows.His position can only be improved if he's knocking open the lost record chambers of atlantis and if he is the one who completely re-writes the history of all of humanity. THe human brain looks for patterns, even faces, unintelligible data.Most Egyptologists currently attribute the carving of the Great Sphinx to King Chafre (Chephren) of the Old Kingdom's Fourth Dynasty, in approximately 2500 B. by various chronologies.[It is important to read the LAST PARAGRAPH of this paper and to understand the mindset of a geologist who was raised by his grandmother, she was a Rosicrucian - Robert Schoch looked specifically for any geological features that would 'prove' his theory, he was not neutral in his search of geological data when he told me his story of his interest in Egypt and Edgar Cayce and the Sphinx prior to joining JAW.

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Something, perhaps, that is reflected or 'frozen' in the essence and age of the Sphinx.

Nothing can prepare a first-time visitor for the awe-inspiring and humbling experience of meeting the Great Sphinx face to face.

Graham Hancock discusses the evidence that clearly shows the Sphinx was wrongly dated by several thousand years.

] standing sixty-six feet (twenty meters) high and 240 feet (seventy-three meters) long, sits on the edge of the Giza Plateau (just west of Cairo, Egypt), east of the three great pyramids.

Maybe it would change everything for egypt about its history,which they refuse to change.

if they dont go under the sphynx, i will, please donate to my paypal account 0 so i may fly to egypt, then somebody give me rights to egyptian land so i can be there all day and night, and someone come with me cuz i dont wanna be down there all alone and if not, donate for a teddy bear for myself.John Anthony West, an author and alternative Egyptologist, investigated Schwaller de Lubicz's ideas further and, in 1989, sought the opinion of Robert M.Schoch, a geologist and associate professor of natural science at the College of General Studies at Boston University.No other geologists at this time have come up with the same data as Schoch. Schwaller de Lubicz , who's research and data is actually quite fascinating and can be read in a formal review, As presently viewed, the Great Sphinx presents the image of a leonine body bearing a human head in a nemes head-dress.The Mystery of the Sphinx (film and video) was a commercial, financial enterprise headed by a few individuals including Boris Said, Robert Watts and various investors; scripts and ideas by JAW, SCHOCH and others....alternative history to Egypt opened the door to many other authors writing absurdities during this era of the early 1990s, basically sci-fi, but unknown to the uneducated population of the New Age of Atlantis and Egypt. It does not sit on top of the Giza Plateau-only its head and the very top of its back project above the general elevation of the surrounding plateau-but rests in the center of what appears to be the remains of an ancient quarry.This gives a rolling and undulating vertical profile to the weathered rocks and is very well-developed and prominent within the Sphinx enclosure.

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