Speed dating learning activity

students given a certificate of bonding sheet; they must draw a dot and cross diagram for the compound they made as well as explain in terms of electrons/oxidation states why they decided to make this compound.

Abstract Most Extension educators seek new ideas for organizing more exciting and animated workshops and conferences.

He explained that they came up with countless concepts. He continued that the common approach might be: Why not build it and see?

There were several key reasons why this was not the best approach, namely: – Timing.

So he explained that he looked in the design toolbox for some tools of the trade to help.

Before today’s lesson, teachers will need to photocopy the Speed Dating Cards so that the problem and answer are copied back to back. So I was going to just make a double set of copies of these 16 problems.

Once students are experts they will take a seat at a desk and will exchange problems with the person in front of them.

They will then solve this problem and if needed, will get help from the expert on that problem.He and his colleagues had conducted ethnographic studies on families and their children.Like many ethnographic studies – theirs uncovered many needs.Often the most animated interactions and the most valuable learning take place during breaks, meals, and receptions.Extending these unstructured networking periods provides one way to improve these events. Students need to "speed date" with each other to find another element (or elements) to form a bond with in order to make a up- certificate sheet.


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