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1954 MG TF 1500 Original UK Car This is lovely example of a very original Red RHD 1954 MG TF with biscuit interior. As the last of the legendary 'T' Series, the TF has always has always had a special place in MG enthusiasts' hearts.

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The series features Portillo travelling around the railway networks of Great Britain and Ireland, referring to an 1840s copy of Bradshaw's Guide, comparing how the various destinations have changed since Victorian times.

The Bradshaw's Guide were a series of Victorian guidebooks written by George Bradshaw; it was the first comprehensive timetable and travel guide of the railway system in Great Britain, which at the time although extensive, still comprised a series of fragmented and competing railway companies and lines each publishing their own literature.

Benotto 'Cromor' 1978 (MS) Benotto 3000 1979 (MS) Johnny Berry 1953 (NO) Johnny Berry Road/path 1954 (RH) F Johnny Berry 1972 (AW) Bianchi Campione del Mondo 1952/3 (ES) Bianchi Campione del Mondo 1953 (MR) Bianchi Competizione 1962 (BJ) Bianchi Folgorissima 1950 (NS) Bianchi 'Paris Roubaix' 1951 (BJ) Bianchi 'Paris Roubaix' 1951 (2) (GH) Bianchi Record 1972 (JK) Bianchi Specialissimo 1960 (SP) Bianchi 'Tour de France' 1954 (DR) Bottecchia Professional 1971 (BJ) George Brooks 1956 (BC) L H Brookes 'La Routiere' 1950 (KH) Owen Bryars early 50's (GC) Henry Burton 1952 (TH) Henry Burton 1958 (PL) Caminargent (DT) Carlton Flyer 1939 (NF) Claud Butler 'Anglo-Continental' 1937 (1) Claud Butler 'Anglo-Continental' 1937 (2) (RS) Claud Butler Avant Coureur 1947 (NO) Claud Butler Avant Coureur 1953 (JC) Claud Butler Avant Coureur 'Lady Lightweight' 1953 (SVT) Claud Butler International Club 1948 (RF) Claud Butler Jubilee 1953 - 2 (JT) Claud Butler Avant Coureur 1955 (JT) Claud Butler Saxon 1956 (PP) Claud Butler Super Torino 1967 (TW) Claud Butler USWB tandem 1950 (OG & HL) C.

Spécial 1947 (BC) Ernie Clements 1948 Ernie Clements 'Ercal' 1953 (DB) Colnago Super 1972 (GH) Colnago Super 1980s (DL) Condor track 1953 (JG) Condor (Bill Hurlow) Superbe 1962 (DA) Condor (Bill Hurlow) Superbe 1963 (PP) Coppi track 1970 (HB) F The David sprint iron 1940s (MS) F Dayton Classique 1947 team bike (RW) Fred Dean Time Trial - 1965 (AVT) Fred Dean 1958 (BJ) The Denison 1947 (KH) De Rosa 'Molteni' 1973 (NS) H M Dickinson 1951 (JD) Duke's 20th Century Frames c1950 (BD) Ephgrave No.1 1960 (PC) Ephgrave No.1 Super 1960 (DA) Ephgrave No.1 Super 1960 (NO) Ephgrave No.

The weekly journey is chosen to fit with a theme, either geographic, such as coast to coast, or historic.

Filmed entirely on location, the series features a mix of Portillo delivering dialogue to camera, as well as performing ad-hoc interviews with members of the public or fellow travellers, in addition to pre-arranged interviews.

1 1953 (SJ) Raleigh Record Ace 1948 (1) (PCK) Raleigh Record Ace 1948 (2) (MN) Raleigh Record Ace 1948 (3) (AVT) Raleigh works machine (Ray Booty) 1955 (AVT).

) 1951 (PU) Hayson c.1936 (AVT) Jack Hearne 1964 (PC) Hetchins Anglo Continental 1937 (KH) Hetchins Brilliant 1936 (KH) Hetchins Hellenic 1967 (NO) Hetchins Super Special 1949 (NO) Hetchins Experto Crede 1959 (RS) Hetchins Experto Crede 1952 (NO) Hetchins Experto Crede 1958 (PP) Hetchins Magnum Opus 1950 (HV) Hetchins Magnum Opus 1952 (BJ) Hetchins Magnum Opus 1953 (AVT) Hetchins Magnum Opus 1955 (KH) Hetchins Magnum Bonum 1956 (GH) Hetchins Magnum Bonum 1957 (PP) Hetchins Magnum Bonum 1959 Hetchins Experto Crede 1961 Hetchins Magnum Bonum straight-stay 1962 (KH) Hetchins Magnum Bonum 1963 Hetchins Swallow 1970 (2) (BJ) Hetchins Vade Mecum 1962 Hetchins Hellenic 1992 (KH) Higgins Dunster Special 1951 (PS) Higgins Ultralite 1951 (PH) Higgins Ultralite SWB tandem 1946 (J&FJ) Higgins Ultralite 'Plus Parfait' 1956 (PL) Hill Special 1951 (PE) Hilton Wrigley 1950's (JW) Hilton Wrigley 'Connoisseur, 1965 (DB) Hobbs Blue Riband road/path 1946 (AVT) Hobbs Blue Riband Record 1949 (RP) Hobbs Blue Riband track iron c.1950 (TD) Jensen 1963 (TH) Ron Kitching 'Prestige One' 1972/3 (PK) Leader Cycles Leo Star 1959 (HV) Leach Marathon 1951 (BJ) Legnano Pista 1960 (CW) F Legnano Roma Olympiade (MR) Frank Lipscombe (AVT) Maclean 1937 Maclean Featherweight 1946 (KH) Maclean Apollo 1949 (SP) Maclean Super Eclipse 1956 (GE) H R Morris Touring 1965 H R Morris Tourer 1969 (TD) W P Newton 1950 (NF) Oscar Egg 'Super Route Special' 1939 (ES) Paris Galibier 1951 (RW) Paris Tour de France 1948 (1) (PK) Paris Tour de France 1948 (2) (GE) Paris Tour de France 1948 (3) (KH) Paris Tour de France 1949 (ES) Paris/Rensch Path (track) 1946 (PR) Frederick Pratt 1952 (PC) Stuart Purves No.1 1951 (PM) Stuart Purves No.

On 29th January 1971, I travelled on United Auto 2251 (651 CHN) on route 224 and the following day on 519 (LHN 219D) and 384 (5084 HN) on routes 222 and 225 respectively.

I would like to know where these three routes ran to/from. Alan Welsh Alan, You not stated of where you boarded or departed on the services you travelled on. A photograph shows 225 to Middlesbrough, from where it started I no not.

I would say you were in the Mid County Durham area. A list of stage numbers go from 215 to 275 United covered large area of the North East.


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