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This new series explores Mussar, a traditional Jewish spiritual discipline that offers sound guidance to help you cultivate the qualities of your soul. In my first career, I was an anthropologist, having received a doctorate from Oxford University, where I went on a Rhodes scholarship.

Rabbi Elya Lopian, a contemporary master, defines Mussar as "Making the heart feel what the intellect understands." Mussar's teachings and practices help us work a radical inner transformation by showing us how to close the gap between the high ideals we hold in mind and the living truth of how we act in life. I discovered Mussar at a time when I badly needed its guidance. My studies took me to India where I lived for three years, learning two Indian languages and studying with a yoga master and meditating in the Himalayas.

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In Pennsylvania’s state government system, however, they have become much more than words – they have become a way of life.

Since taking office, Governor Tom Wolf and the Wolf Administration have adopted diversity, inclusion and fairness as their guiding principles for economic development and state government operations.

I wrote books and published articles and eventually got a tenure-track job at a good university.

But the routines of university life did not satisfy my soul, and so I made a leap to making films.

That work kept me for 15 years, always in the independent film community, where I developed and produced my own projects.

My film work crashed to an abrupt halt in 1997 when my company hit the skids.The rationale for this goal and supporting information regarding Cam Tran’s DBE program will be available for public inspection at the Cambria County Transit Authority, 502 Maple Avenue, Johnstown, PA 15901.These documents are available for inspection between the hours of am and pm Monday-Friday for thirty (30) days following the publication of this notice.Here’s a few pointers and helpful reminders to get you started:1.Your Profile Photo This is your chance to be in the spotlight!I hadn't been nearly as honest as I should have been or as I saw myself to be.

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