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The town is home to numerous members of the Royal Guard, presumably because the town neighbors the entrance to the Underground, where humans fall.

Departure from the town takes the protagonist to Waterfall by foot or, by hitching a ride with the River Person, to either Waterfall or Hotland.

Despite being Underground, Snowdin is covered in a perpetual layer of ice and snow and, because of how cold it is, it mainly homes monsters with thick fur After completing the puzzles by Papyrus and Sans in Snowdin Forest, the protagonist passes through Snowdin Town and confronts Papyrus in battle.

If the protagonist is defeated, Papyrus places them in his shed.

After Papyrus is defeated, the protagonist can leave Snowdin for Waterfall, the next main area in the game.

When the protagonist kills everybody in Snowdin Forest, the town of Snowdin and its buildings become completely deserted except for Monster Kid, who believes that Undyne will protect them.

It continues on to tell the story of her life from birth, childhood, marriage, and old age.

During her lifetime, Lily lives through the reigns of four emperors of the Qing dynasty: Daoguang (1820–1850); Xianfeng (1850–1861); Tongzhi (1861–1875); and Guangxu (1875–1908).

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