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The report was commissioned by za, an online child safety initiative, and was carried out during August and September 2011.

Fraudsters call the MTN call centre claiming that they purchased airtime vouchers and are unable to load them as they have already been loaded.

The fraudsters have the voucher details with them and are able to validate their claims.

Strona zawiera treści o charakterze erotycznym i jest przeznaczona dla osób, które ukończyły 18 lat!

Powyższy serwis ma charakter zabawy pogawędki chat SMS i połączeń telefonicznych PARTY LINE.

Our call centres are available 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Prepaid: 173 or 083173 Contract: 808 or 0831808 By manipulating features of the MTN network, a user can make and receive calls (including the transfer of messages), which are then billed to an account provisioned with call forwarding and diversion services.By using the Provider’s website, hosting, design, list management & SMS facilities, the Customer agrees to the following terms and conditions.Conduct that violates South African Law, regulatory conditions, and / or the accepted Netiquette on internet, is expressly prohibited.Current legislation only places restrictions on chat rooms that are specifically targeted at children.Legislation is needed regarding the advertising of adult chat rooms and the measures required preventing children from accessing these.In addition, thanks to lack of advertising guidelines equivalent to those which exist in the offline world, these chat rooms were marketed and advertised on platforms easily accessible to children.

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