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I've seen ladies use the camera on their phone to check their hair and make up!

It's not just for the fairer sex though and if you are recording a video blog it can be useful to see yourself on the screen as you would a mirror.

Or does the age of consent govern all forms of sex (cyber/phone and real) ?

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Mert tulajdonkppen ez trtnik, amikor a tvolsg ebbe a helyzetbe knyszerti a szerelmeseket. A webcam-szex szrakoztat, izgalmas, felszabadt cm cikknkben a szexulterapeutja, Gyri Szilviakifejtette, hogy ez a mfaj alapveten maszturbcit jelent, egyszemlyes kznsg eltt, ami a tvkapcsolatban lk vagy az interneten ismerkedk eltt valsznleg nem ismeretlen fogalom.

lltja a szakrt, aki szerinta Skype-szex csupn kiegsztse lehet egy hossz tv kapcsolatnak, de nem helyettestheti a szemlyes lmnyeket, s nmagban nem elgtheti ki a szexulis ignyeket.

I had a feeling a prosecution would say that ignorance is no excuse for breaking the law...

English Literature teacher Mark Ellis was determined not to let his pupils down by taking it easy on sick leave at home.

You will probably find a setting in the webcam software to choose whether the image is normal or mirrored.

The screen shot is from Logitech webcam software and the setting is in Advanced Settings.

Assuming she consents, can they legally have sexual intercourse?

As long as 16 is the age of consent in both states, the age gap does not matter. It doesn't matter if one is one day over the statutory age limit and the other is 100.

Mr Ellis said the school's "brilliant" IT expert Kevin Stacey has geared up the school's computing equipment so Mr Ellis is projected virtually onto his classroom's whiteboard.

Mr Ellis said: "I can see them and they can see me so we are carrying on the best we can without me actually being there."We have been pushing the boundaries with Mr Stacey but he is so skilful at this sort of thing which comes easy to him and it is something we like to try and do."I want the students to feel confident that I am not abandoning them and that this is an early part of the school year and we really need to get on that train to the A-levels."You can usually get a teacher in for Key Stages three and four in the absence of staff members but otherwise the sixth form would be left to work at my guidance.

Mindemellett az internet nem felejt, s sokszor a msik fl sem, rdemes teht kell krltekintssel kezelni intim tartalmainkat, vagyis csak sajt felelssgre vghatunk bele az ilyenfajta lvezetekbe!

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