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One of them was injured because of negligence and another was diagnosed with osteoporosis.

Conclusions: Fractures in young infants are uncommon at the PED, the skull fracture being the most common.

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See more » : In the years after World War II, many people in Eastern Europe were sent to forced labor camps for disagreeing with their new governments. Life in these camps was very harsh, and escape was not an option. From the directing, to the script; from the photography to the acting... This movie is a breath of fresh air from the Hollywood machine that churns out lifeless epics, tasteless comedies, and meaningless dramas in the name of money.

And yet, for one boy named David, it was his only hope... "I Am David" aims not to collect big at the box office, but to convey passion and art through cinema.

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It follows the escape of a young boy named David from a concentration camp during the Bulgarian War.

Carrying only a small satchel with a mysterious envelope and a few other items, David sets across the countryside to reach Denmark.

The camera focuses on Denmark, then traces down the globe to Italy.

Though antique in appearance, modern country names on the globe (Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bosnia) shows it dates at least from 1993. If you follow my instructions and make it out of the camp. [...] See more » There's just so much to say about "I am David" that I feel like I can't get it all in.

Age, sex, site and type of fracture, mechanism of injury, time interval before seeking medical attention, and management were analyzed. They represented 0.3% (95% confidence interval, 0.2%-0.4%) of all children younger than 12 months attended at the PED.


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