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We decided to get together and have lunch which ended up in vacant parking lot with her giving me a blowjob. Nothing like being afraid to have an orgasm because you’re constantly looking over your shoulder for the cops! Then one day she asked if I wanted to go to a party with her. I thought it was odd but I’ve heard of people having parties at hotels before. One side was Dan Akroyd and the other was Jane Curtain in Point/Counterpoint. The night of the party came and I was nervous as hell cause Counterpoint had brought a bullhorn and was firing at me like crazy. ” “You’re not sexy enough for an orgy” “They’re coming to get you Barbara! Counterpoint is practically walking in front of me poking me in the chest. I get to the door and it felt like a year before I knocked.

I asked what kind of party it was and she hesitated at first. Point: You have no idea who these people are and you could possibly go to jail. ” (not sure where that one came from) The party was in Atlanta and I was over an hour away. If all else failed I had friends I could run to and crash. Right before I knocked it all was clear what I was about to do.

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Counterpoint: There could possibly be hot women there to have sex with and this is one thing off the bucket list. She gave me a link to the groups email list so I joined up and got the details. So I pull up to the hotel and I’m sitting there plotting my every move before going in. I was about to go to a sex party with a bunch of strangers. I hear a bunch of talking and laughing which made me wonder what kind of sex party this was. Maybe there were a bunch of unattractive people there. Everybody knows sex is only for attractive people!! She couldn’t ask me why I was there cause that would just be stupid. We have a brief conversation and she introduces me to the lady who opened the door as the one who formed the group. That was obvious because there was a couple sitting on the couch just watching her and the guy try to fuck each other.

All the while I was doing this Point kept shouting common sense to me like someone yelling at me from down a hallway. Now this wasn’t exactly my first time in a sketchy place. I tell her my name while trying to figure out how she could be at a sex party cause this woman was rough looking. Sue goes on to introduce me to most of the other people there. Now this conversation between Sue and I went on for about 5 minutes. The guy was kinda having a hard time keeping his balance due to him wearing nothing but tube socks which caused him to lose traction on the carpet.

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While the dorm party is rolling Steve and his buddy sneak off to the nearest bedroom with a couple of hot chicks and get naked for some hardcore group fun.

We started playing some party games with a dare, shooting ping-pong balls into tiny plastic cups, and whoever missed their shot had to get topless!

One by one the naughty coeds took off their tops, showing off their fabulous titties in all shapes, sizes and colors!

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