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Next, record a greeting that will introduce you to the other callers. This is your chance to share what's special about you.


But leave it to the all-knowing Keanu Reeves to clear everything up: Phoenix has been masturbating, a lot. As Reeves tells Wiest—and the audience—"That's what little dudes do. Spanking The Monkey (Jeremy Davies) In his breakthrough role, Jeremy Davies bears a strong resemblance to elf/pirate pretty boy Orlando Bloom. When his parents separate, Kline finds several ways to cope—and the creepiest comes in the school library, when the sight of a girl with giant bright earrings prompts him to walk over to the stacks with a wrinkled piece of porn and rub himself off against a bookcase; after he ejaculates, he smears his semen along the spine of some books. In one scene in the middle of the film, Adams, lying in bed hugely pregnant, comforts herself with a photo of the two of them together, though in the photo, Mc Kenzie looks just as distant as in life. Minutes later, his lover comes home, and Dawson quickly gets dressed and runs away, while everyone in the theater silently ticks his acrobatic act off their "things to see before I die" lists. Your Friends & Neighbors (Aaron Eckhart) The arch metropolitan elites of Your Friends & Neighbors can't satisfy each other, sexually or otherwise.

But Spanking The Monkey shows why some young actors wind up in heartthrob roles opposite Keira Knightley, while others go on to play Charles Manson in a remake of Helter Skelter. Later, Kline declares that he's a "philistine" who hates "books and things," by way of rejecting his father's book-based authority and his mother's literary success. Meanwhile, her husband's in the other room complaining about their marriage, which she can hear through the walls. Aaron Eckhart plays the schlubbiest character, which is almost to say, the most likeable one.

There is no experience required and all you need is a landline to receive calls, if you live in the USA, you can also take calls on your cell phone.

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