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Skull types are known after the name of the place where they are first discovered and Cro Magnon was discovered in a cave in France.

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The first puzzle causes these physical characteristics to be not pleasant for the anthropologist.

To fit in more gracefully with their theories, Cro Magnon should have been shorter and smaller brained than the average for humans today.

I was faithful during my 11-year marriage (as a friend of mine used to say about his faithfulness, it wasn't always because of love as much as "fear of rolling pin").

Since my divorce, none of my relationships ended because of another man/woman -- that I am aware of... Would love to hear about yours: 1) MY FAULT: I tend to blame myself for things, so right off the bat, let's stipulate that I screwed up most of the relationships. Few relationships can withstand too much clinginess.

However his actual characteristics are totally in accord with the assertions of Ancient Astronaut type theories.

A second and major puzzle for anthropologists is that Cro Magnon man appears to arrive with his culture from no discernable origin. His culture was distinctly superior to others around him.

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