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Located only a 5-minute walk from Liverpool’s gay district, the Stanley Street Quarter.

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Each suite has; The Sex & the City party floor comes complete with a spacious communal area so that you and your guests can party together.

The area is accessible only to you and your guests and has shelves for drinks storage as well space to dance and socialise.

If you are from another Australian State or Territory, please visit phone the National Hepatitis Information Line on 1800 437 222. To search our directory, click on the service type and then type in your postcode in the box, then click on the Search button.

For hep C treatment, phone the surgery and ask for the name of the doctors who prescribe the new hep C drugs.

Dolphin Sauna features a jacuzzi, dry sauna, steam room, video room, bar, restrooms. Are we missing a new venue or has a business closed?

Or has something changed and we've not yet updated our pages?

Liverpool’s premier gay sauna with a discreet entrance.

Facilities at SPLASH include a 16-man sauna, 20-man steam room, gym, jacuzzi, communal showers, cruising area with private cabins, fun room with communal bed and coffee lounge. Regular monthly themed parties – check their website for details.

Here the talented bar team can create all sorts of delightful cocktails for you and your group.


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  3. Whatever your reason, state it with confidence and make it clear that you aren't ashamed and shouldn't be shamed.

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  5. The site skews a bit younger by virtue of being free, but you will find Black singles of all ages on the site; both young and old(er).

  6. These are just singles who have no one to talk to, nothing to do and are curious in cyberspace.

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