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Hamidou Diallo is one of a handful of Kentucky players and recruits being coached by John Calipari in the U19 World Championships in Egypt this week, and Diallo put together the highlight of the tournament...

Students in on-campus programs are recognized if they completed six or more credits and received a grade point average of 3.5 or above during the semester ending 12/19/2016. Even with this large community, don't be surprised to find fellow students in your own hometown!

The Ashford University student community includes people from every state in the U. The students on the Dean's List exemplify a dedication and commitment to their studies, which make them great role models for others to emulate.

For just the second time since 1909, the Utes and the Cougars did not play in 2016-17 after Utah head...

A new California law could end up causing a headache for the sports teams for public universities in the state. basketball team into the Under-19 World Cup for men,...

But here’s hoping Pharrell, Gwen, Blake and Adam double-down on these chaps in 2014 and use their pop-cultural currency to help one or two of ’em break on through to the other side.

(Sidebar: How come no one ever covers The Doors on reality singing competitions anymore?

So why shouldn’t he savor the pleasure each and every time? It is also that you never have a chance to tell your side of the story.

Yet in his lifetime, my father purchased only a handful of cars. It is not only that there is 100% chance of being found guilty if you accept the offer.

Miller accepted the job in March, but the athletic department didn...


  1. Florida sets criminal charges for a number of offenses related to prostitution.

  2. These free dating sites give you the chance to meet men and women from all over the state, but also all over the world if you wanted.

  3. WWII movies were patriotic paeans to heroism like 30 Seconds over Tokyo or the common man like A Walk in the Sun or home front heroism like Mrs. Indeed only Casablanca itself, as exemplified early on by Rick's character was suffused with some of the cynicism that we see in film noir, but the reason Casablance is beloved is because the cynicism melts away in the the understanding that there is something greater than one's own preservation.

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