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Jila is a full-time grad student and holds a retail gig on the side. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, just different from the routine. Beyond the pressure to spend time together, there’s pressure when they finally do.

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Tell me all your things, because your career path is amazing. Josh, when it happened to him, it wasn’t like he hadn’t written a lot of stuff, it just had never gotten made.

So, my things: I went to graduate school for English literature. Greg Berlanti wrote ten pilots before he broke through.

“If we start fighting quickly, I will lose patience faster than I might normally because I’m committing my free time to this and I want it to be perfect.” The solution: compartmentalize.

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I was desperate to get into Entertainment Weekly or New York Magazine. That’s not what I was expecting, and that’s amazing. But I will also say this, that you cannot go through something like this without some kind of spiritual life. If you don’t have something that grounds you, that is a regular thing that you go to that keeps you sane and safe, forget it — you won’t survive, because my life changed so much. Going into season two, did you have any changes you wanted to implement in how the show ran? But, you know what, no, because I ran the writers’ room on The Good Wife briefly, so I knew how to run the writers’ room.

But it took three years from the time that I quit GQ to the time that I moved out. Well, I came into the comedy world, and I’m not very funny and I fucking failed. So my whole career, there has been a lot of good and bad. ” I say, “You can’t.” You can get your show on the air, maybe, but you won’t run it.

As Power settles into its second season, the Starz show is amping up both the pace and tension, in an attempt to take the good thing it had in season one and make it great. If you want to be a showrunner, you have to work your way all the way up. Well, there are those, like Josh Schwartz with The O. Also, in my case, this was the first show I ever pitched, it’s the first show I ever sold, it’s the first show I ever wrote for money.


  1. I could live with his closet full of armless shirts, his constantly calling me "bro" and the neverending mantra of "work the product in from the back" and "shave with the grain", but I've seen too ( many ( gossip (

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