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I'm amazed at the number of electric lap steel guitar manufacturers out there.

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Services include building alternate impedances of existing models, and a guitar speaker break-in service.

More » Eminence is pleased to announce the company has become ISO 14001 certified.

Just as Michelangelo — a Renaissance master with whom Santa Cruz Guitar guru Richard Hoover likely feels an artistic affinity — believed every block of stone had a statue hidden inside, craftsmen in the Cruz who make artisanal acoustic guitars crave fallen timber for its distinctive timbre.

A thin membrane of California sycamore produces small sonic detonations as he taps along its surface.

“Flavors, colors on an artist’s palette, that’s what we’re creating,” says Hoover, whose groundbreaking guitar company is preparing to observe its 35th anniversary.

By harvesting rare rosewood from Brazilian forests cut down in the 1920s, and 100-year-old mahogany planted for Britain’s Royal Navy — a reverberating echo of empire — Hoover has indulged the “scientific romance” of a boutique guitar-making movement that he himself carved out.

Catfish Keith was proud to take part in the 40th anniversary of Santa Cruz Guitar Company in the fall of 2016.

He not only performed on his favorite SCGC model on stage at the Rio Theater but also took the time to talk about his early passion for music and his introduction to the Santa Cruz Guitar Company during his NAMM Oral History interview.

Weighing in at a mere 1.7 lbs., the N151M-8 utilizes a phase plug design that improves the distribution of forces over the diaphragm surface, which results in a driver with lower distortion, smoother frequency response, and increased sensitivity as compared to conventional ring radiator designs.

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