Safe dating for teens is internet dating a good thing

Discourages Participation in Extracurricular Activities 7. Perpetrates Violence Towards Others and Objects 10. Checks and Monitors Cell Phone and Computer Activity 9.

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Because most of your time is spent there, you need to know what’s going on in your school.

If you or someone you know is threatened by another student, take them seriously.

If you feel that your safety is threatened, letting someone know can help to the situation.

Even though it may seem like a last resort, telling your parents or even teachers may provide a way to keep you from being harmed.

Only if a serious compliant is made by parents, most profiles go unmonitored making these sites prime targets for internet predators.

This training toolkit addresses teenage dating abuse.Teen dating violence means one partner tries to maintain power and control over the other through physical, emotional, sexual or stalking abuse.Teen dating violence crosses all racial, economic and social lines and most victims are young women.The Love is Respect hotline is another great resource that provides chat, text, and phone support 24/7.Step 2: Encourage your teen to develop a code word that can be used with family members and friends.If they appear to be a threat to the safety of the students report it to the principal or someone else of authority in the school.


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