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In fact, they attach men to themselves in this way.But don’t be afraid – you will totally fall for this kind of attachment.2. Russian girls prefer to become good friends before you heedlessly dive into relationships.Most male expats say that their nationality can still have a positive impact on girls.

The position of women in Russian society must be understood within the historical context of Russia.

The history of Russia is rich and varied: the country has gone through numerous different regimes throughout the centuries.

Russian culture may seem cryptic and quite enigmatic to foreigners. There is a big chance of meeting a Russian, and he or she will come across as an unpleasant or gloomy person, but that’s only because of the fact that Slavic people hate hypocrisy of any sorts – either fake politeness or purposeless small talks. Sounds funky, but cold and assertive at first sight girls actually turn out to be very dependable, nice, and tender. Japanese and American men described Russian girls as the perfect combination of stainless steel skin (figuratively, of course) and warm vulnerable heart.

There are a lot of legends and prejudices about Russians. Once the ice is broken, you will encounter the birth of a practically new person. Russian girls love looking at people with wet from sincerity eyes and half-opened mouth, as if they are trying to say the desired three words of love but can’t decide to do so. Usually, when Russians break the ice, a couple does not hesitate to distribute the roles.

Russian women are also more forward, he says: "You can just be talking to someone and some beautiful girl will come up to you with a chat-up line.

Back at home, the guy would have to have to make the first move." Not every Russian woman has access to expat hangout spots, though, giving rise to a booming business of dating agencies that specialize in foreign men.

They are generally known for their incomparable beauty and cheerful mindsets.

Men from all over the world eagerly want to find a Russian girl for dating and marriage.

Women in Russia are not a monolithic group, because the country itself is very diverse: there are almost 200 national/ethnic groups in Russia (77.7% being Russians - as of 2010), and although most of the population is (at least nominally) Christian Orthodox, other religions are present too, such as Islam (approximately 6% - see Islam in Russia).

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