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Right now, there’s plenty of choices out there in the theaters.

But there’s also movies like Jack Reacher, ones that kind of look, you know, alright and all, but having to spend that amount of money on a movie that might not be all that great, well, when there’s other options out there… Or worse, you blow it with a girl who wanted to kiss you.

“So I went in with the bump and it was just fantastic.

When the baby was born there were no lullabies – just deep house!

We boast the number of followers we have, which would’ve been a unheard of ten years ago, swipe through apps that are supposed to simulate real life attraction like a scene from Gary Shteyngart’s “Super Sad True Love Story” and collect matches and numbers as if dating is a competition in metrics.

For all the ease with which these nifty bits of technologies are meant to assist in connection people, it’s made navigating the lust frontier that much more treacherous. And what are we supposed to do if there’s a chemical connection – or even genuine interest?

The preview for Amy Schumer’s upcoming comedy “Trainwreck,” which is screening Sunday at SXSW, illustrates the contemporary scene a little too perfectly.

In a scene in the trailer, Amy’s character, a magazine journalist who doesn’t believe or practice monogamy, begins dating a man she actually likes.the mother would look on in horror as her daughter is led astray by this rather unpleasant older girl, who took her under her wing.Suddenly, my personality was usurped by Miranda Frost’s hostility and cool, I think.’ It hardly helps that the 30-year-old Pike’s flawless natural beauty, Oxbridge education and perfectly pronounced vowels lend her the veneer of one who seems unapproachable and aloof.“When I finished the Gone Girl press tour, which was quite a commitment, I was in New York, eight months pregnant and heard about a morning rave and I thought, ‘that has my name on it’,” she recalled.“I was out with friends the night before and they were really up for it.Come 6am I’m ready and waiting, and I’m the only one there.


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  4. And since we’re being honest here; anything that comes off as fake or incongruent isn’t going to work. Since it’s far easier to just throw together a few phrases and hope whispering them in your crush’s ear gets you some action, let’s give that approach a try.

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