Romeo miller who is he dating Sex chat conversations

When it comes to black men, there's always some who enjoy dating across the entire color spectrum.

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This is evident with the notorious demise of the careers of former heart throbs such as Wesley Snipes, Tyrese Gibson, and Terrence Howard.

Romeo Miller is the handsome offspring of Master P, a former rap mogul.

Miller is the son of well known rap mogul Master P.

Miller has founded record label's Guttar Music, Take A Stand, The Next Generation & his current label No Limit Forever.

That "picture" can incur vast responses and opinions as it pertains to history, pop culture and other generalizations that have systematically loomed over black and white relationships. My apologies, I'm just over all of our black men choosing to be with white women as if black women carry the plague or something.

So what happens when a handful of black women, who follow you on Instagram, provide commentary not so favorable to your new bae? According to Madame Noire, followers of Romeo Miller found it uninteresting that Miller is rumored to be dating Toneata Morgan. After so much oppression to the black race it would be nice to see more black love.

Fans and followers of Rev Run's famous daughter were equally as taken aback by the announcement, considering she kept her relationship completely hidden from the public. News confirmed Simmons was pregnant with her first child, a baby boy she's since welcomed in September with fiancé and Atlanta businessman Sutton Tennyson.

, the rapper/actor recalled some the negative comments he received last year, when he posted a photo to Instagram of his girlfriend at the time, Toneata Morgan.

After a run in with TMZ photographers, the Miss CA Teen USA pageant contestant was dubbed by Miller as "." He then gave Morgan a kiss in front of the cameras. I believe in interracial couples, but only for the right reasons.

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