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-ranked Brazilian was totally outmatched for a confident and aggressive Rafa. On Dutra Sliva's serve, Rafa raced to his left for a full-stretch forehand. I expect if Rafa stays in his current form of focus and aggression he'll be able to dominate.

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I thought Jose did a great job with what he was given, but he wasn't given much and you can blame/credit Mandy Moore for that. Adam heaps love on him again but notes (as a plus) that Mandy Moore choreographed the routine to his strengths. I still think Jose seemed overpraised and much of the dance should really be credited to Lauren, but it seemed better than my first impression.

I do commend Jose for bring a smoothness to the dance, but I wasn't as impressed as the judges and I wonder if Mandy Moore's "smartly choreographed" routine actually hindered Jose ability to truly shine. So I'm not sure it's really Jose's fault that I was less impressed than the judges. Here's the video of Jose and Lauren's Contemporary: Kent Boyd with Comfort Fedoke Choreographed by: Dave Scott Style: Hip-Hop Song: "You're Not My Girl" - Ryan Leslie Grade - Dance: A-Grade - Contestant: B There were moments when I thought the white farm boy did quite a great groovin' job to match with Comfort's street dancing.

Mark Kanemura taught his routine he did with Jenna Johnson in Season 10. Mark picked them and a few other dancers to do the routine at the end together.

Port Manteaux churns out silly new words when you feed it an idea or two.

I don't know how good she was technically but she seemed to match Pasha quite well and looked great in that little dress that it made a nicely sparkly routine.

But you know, I was watching Pasha the whole time and he was awesome.

I thought all five were outstanding, which is a rare treat. Unusual, but he was good too.1st Choreo Round9) Hoang Gia Huy - I'm amazed at the flexibility. Nguyễn Mạnh Quyền ♂ 21 B-Boy: It was touching to see the change from being bound by sadness symbolized by the mask to freeing himself by discarding it off. Very controlled and it was quite impressive to see her shaking her belly for half a minute without any breaks.

6) Another block of breakers - These ones didn't show me as much.7) Nguyen Thi Thien Thanh - Belly dancer. He's much better than I would have guessed, based on appearance. Solid windmills and the part when he spun in circles on his knees was striking Hong Gia Huy ♂ 18 Funk Jazz "S&M" - Chubby but very flexible. Ton Trung - Ah, one of the prank auditions in drag like the one Travis Wall did a few seasons back. That's how it's done, gurl Hoang Dai Minh ♂ Freestyle - You knew things were gonna be serious when he threw away his cap He really needs to put on more meat though to pull off all the bootyshaking.

He made me a believer.10) Hoang Dai Minh - Borderline ugh, but mildly entertaining.11) Ngo Tuan Kiet - Not bad.12) Hang Chuc Kha - Popper. But I agree that her unconventional clothes (t-shirt/cargo capris) made it seem that she wasn't taking it seriously.4. BBoys- Ding - had nice floorwork but I didn't care for the rest. Trịnh Hong Khải ♂ 25 Ballroom "Killing Me Softly": Nice Rumba. Anh Tuấn - Kim Oanh - Đức Tm - Anh Mỹ - Thanh Lam - Hip-Hop dancers montage.Đỗ Trọng Hng ♂ 23 Bellydancer - Not as refined as the female bellydancer this episode but very dynamic.


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