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I always stand for the Pledge of Allegiance and the National Anthem. When you’re young, vulnerable and impressionable, the wrong guy can be identity shattering.In a message, he asked me for my number, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Politics and Dating Some people think that opposites attract, and maybe for some couples that will work.

Whether you are looking for people who share your political beliefs, or you are open to those on the 'opposite side', Politics and Dating has been created for you.

For instance, it can be hard to continue to love yourself when you’re 22 years old and the guy you’ve been dating for 6 months randomly turns to you and says “there’s nothing special about you — there’s nothing that sets you apart from the other girls.” But now that I’m older and wiser, and in the healthiest, most stable relationship of my life, I can look back fondly on my experiences and laugh. I laugh at that 34-year old actor who was still “in love” with the minor he slept with.

I laugh at the guy who told me after my father’s suicide that because he didn’t understand my emotions he “deemed them invalid”. I just celebrated my 26th birthday and started my dream job as the Social Media Director for a travel publication.

In 1999, only two percent of American singles had used an online dating service in their search for a partner, but that number has grown exponentially in the years since.

You might have some online-dating deal breakers, like swiping left on anyone who mentions Nickelback or has a shirtless bathroom selfie as a profile photo.

Crossing party lines was a dating experience I’d never had before, and perhaps we could broaden each other’s minds with differing philosophies. I was astounded that someone would respond so disrespectfully to a woman who was going out of her way to be kind. Luckily, I had dated enough to know he wasn’t worth my time.

People who use dating sites are choosing matches based on criteria that are highly correlated with political preferences, and social scientists fear that will go a long way toward making us less tolerant citizens.

Had we been able to choose our mates based on predefined criteria, we probably would have never gone on that first date.

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