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Adam Hilarie's roommate found him dead Friday in their apartment on Sunset Avenue, launching an investigation into what happened.

Detectives determined that Hilarie met a woman, later identified as Hailey Bustos, on an dating website, "Plenty of Fish." After going on a date with Bustos, police said the two briefly went back to Hilarie's apartment.

The rule is meant to insure that the periodic exchange of licences will keep them up to date with the latest security technology, while new driver photos will help law enforcement better identify holders, the paper said.

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The suspects stole multiple items, including electronics, from his apartment.

The three men were identified as Andre Warner, 26; Gary Gray, 31, and Joshua Ellington, 26.

as a female, I’m very disappointed it fumbles - as the message it sends is that we can’t have it all.

We’ve got to share our seat at the table.", however, the 'female empowerment' angle was not one of them.

Criminal cases are filed only in the Santa Cruz Division; howerver, fine payments on traffic cases and existing payment plans for criminal cases are accepted at either the Santa Cruz or Watsonville Division.

Online- https://portal.santacruzcourt.org/portal By mail or in person - Santa Cruz Superior Court, 701 Ocean Street, Room 120, Santa Cruz, CA 95060 (Include your case number) Santa Cruz Superior Court drop box (located at the address above) Watsonville Division located at 1 Second Street, Room 300, Watsonville, CA Reminder: Failure to pay a fine on or before the due date may result in one or all of the following: You cannot change your court date on any criminal case.

If you are unable to find your name or locate a calendar, please check with the clerk.

Arraignment: Reading of your Constitutional rights, advisement of the charges, entering a plea.

If you have an attorney, contact your attorney for assistance.

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