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The manner in which the Rastafari philosophy is lived and expressed is very much an individual matter; followers of Rastafari have always approached it more as a lifestyle and a set of values than as a movement or specific creed.

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Also, I was quite up-to-date having recently viewed the celebrated You Tube video of the prearranged toe-to-toe in a wood between Feyenoord’s finest and a coalition of the Nancy and Strasbourg élite.

(Feyenoord wholly prevailed.) So I knew a bit about it and what he implied by the name Feyenoord.

Simone, Sipowicz, and Russell investigate a shooting of two women and later go into a raid on a drug dealer's apartment in which Russell risks her life to capture the dealer/murderer, but later Russell tells Simone that she happens to be pregnant.

Meanwhile, Martinez and Medavoy look into the murder of a prostitute, despite Martinez's complaints about a back problem that later gets him taken out of the squad.

I became interested in Dutch football hooligans after being caught in the middle of a surprisingly determined showing by ADO Den Haag hooligans when West Ham were there in 1976.

And who can forget that Uefa Cup final between Feyenoord and Spurs in 1974?Whether or not because I was still stoned, and he was stoned already, I couldn’t say, but we quickly found the wavelength. He was Dutch but spoke good English with a Rotterdam accent.Maybe it was a flash of intuition that made him mention right away that he used to be a Feyenoord hooligan.In Spain, I stayed in youth hostels in Barcelona, Alicante, Almeria and Seville.But that first hostel in Barcelona, where the manager got me totally stoned as part of the check-in process, then took me out to a huge dancehall, where about 2,000 Catalans were throwing shapes to a fantastic reggae band, remains the most memorable. I rose — I’d slept face-down in my clothes — and bimbled into the communal living area.Rastafari make up a distinct religious and cultural minority within Jamaican society.


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