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However, wait until you check out this latest update.

Turns out Ranbir is already over his break-up phase as he is now getting too close for comfort with this new girl in his life. Our source EXCLUSIVELY spilled the beans saying Ranbir is constantly in touch with a certain Delhi based girl who for all that we know, does not belong to the industry.

But Ranbir Kapoor actually introduced his new girlfriend to Katrina Kaif, with whom he shares a past.

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states that the actor may have found new love in his life.

The report states that Ranbir Kapoor is dating a Mumbai-based girl, however she is not an actress, neither does she have anything to do with the film industry.

Bollywood stars Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are reportedly planning to get married early next year.

According to a report in Bollywood Life, the couple are hoping to get married in February 2015.

I am comfortable with the media but I was hurt when I saw those pictures. I still feel that there should be some boundaries," she said.

In fact, proving the same, we have also been getting you awkward pictures of the ex-couple from the sets of Jagga Jasoos, which only prove how their reconciliation is far from happening.

Not much is known about the girl except that she hails from Mumbai and she is from non-filmy background. She joined him on one of the promotional events of Jagga Jasoos,” a source reportedly told DNA.

The new girl has been spotted with Ranbir in almost all of his promotional events of ‘Jagga Jasoos’. Adding more to the love life of Ranbir is that the new girl is also a friend of Katrina Kaif and later is insecure of Ranbir’s close proximity with the new girl. It is as simple as that," Ranbir was quoted saying to TOI.

This isn't the only extreme measure the estranged couple has taken to ensure their paths don't cross.

Word has it that the stars took different flights to Morocco, where they will be stationed for the next 10 days.

They met through a common set of friends and have been attracted to each other ever since.

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