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I'm not sure which is the correct event to do this. I need to set the Object Datasources Update params and call the update method.Most of the examples floating around that show how to do inline- or Form Template-based editing with Telerik's Rad Grid use the Sql Data Source's Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command properties along with a bunch of declarative parameters to manipulate the data.

Inside of the Form Template tag, put whatever you need in terms of a editing form.

Created By & Modified By columns are “Person or Goup” type columns.

I have no earthly idea why the Update command wants to update the key columns by default.

not true.complex custom business objects are still written by you, so if you understand it, its not that complex.

You might have written an in depth procedure, however can handle most that is thrown at it, if written properly.

Using a term like complex custom business objects shouldnt be so scary, it wouldnt be easy if it was complex, it wouldnt be custom if you didnt write it, and whats an app without a business object?unless we arent seeing your full example here...customer = new Customer ();should be _customer = new Customer ();that should have generated a runtime error.I didn't mean to incinuate that I do not know how to write "complex custom business objects". When I say " complex custom business objects" I meant an obect that has a handle on another object. But speaking in general, also since the old values would be part of the actual parameters that will be passed to the Update Method, does this mean I have access to the old and new values in the Object Data Source. Is the purpose to allow different controls bound to the same datasource to do different things?I guess I'm not sure why you would use one over the other?After creating a Table Adapter by adding a new Data Set to my project and creating the necessary Select, Update, Insert, and Delete columns, I wire up my Grid View to an Object Data Source that uses this Table Adapter resulting in code like this: suggests that the Data Key Names property should resolve this issue, but it does not, at least when the keys are Guid values rather than ints or strings (one of the forum posters suggested the Data Key Names collection doesn’t support object typed keys). Andrew Duthie has a summary of how to fix this issue on his blog (from 2005, no less). don’t remove the keys from the WHERE part of the query!!! You will also want to remove the key parameters from the Update Command’s Parameters collection.

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