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The word 'sunna' which is used in the Quran, means the way of doing things or methodology.

But it has become a tradition in the Muslim communities to summon the people to prayer through a loud announcement.

The original Azaan used to conform with the Quran's teachings, and became corrupted with time.

I have been connected with Allah swt since childhood i dont know how but He thought me this thing from an... I am not interested in meeting men with leftover emotional problems from previous relationships - you should be at peace with yourself, and the world. when we find ourselves talking to ourselves and knowing only He listens and knows every single thought and emotion inside of us. (Quran ) We created the human, and we know what he whispers to himself. few days, I'd wish to put my emailadress here for those who will arrive at the site in the future and recognize themselves in the stories that I have put on here and wish to contact me.

I often find it easier to call myself a monotheist, like prophet...

They claim that the Hadith literature was forged, but the more established groups have thoroughly criticised the authenticity of the hadith and refused it for many reasons, the most prevalent being the Quranist claim that hadith is not mentioned in the Quran as a source of Islamic theology and practice, was not recorded in written form until more than two centuries after the death of Muhammed, and contain perceived internal errors and contradictions.

As many Quranists have a very individualistic interpretation of the Qur'an, rejecting sectarianism and organised religion as a general rule, it is difficult to gather an accurate estimate of the number of Quranists in the world today by doing a study of the Quranist organisations that exist.

‎‎; al-Qur'āniyya) describes any form of Islam that accepts the Quran as revelation but rejects the religious authority, and/or authenticity of, the Hadith collections.

Quranists follow the Quran alone; they believe that its message is clear and complete, and that it can therefore be fully understood without referencing the Hadith.

The hadith is regarded by the majority of traditional Muslim scholars to be the second source of law after the Quran despite the clear commands given in the Quran to follow the Quran alone and reject all hadith.

The following Quranic verses make this issue clear: In addition, Muslims today have been led to believe that to follow the Prophet they must follow his sunna.

The Quran teaches us in may suras that Submission (in Arabic "Islam") is the religion of Abraham (please consult 5, , 5, 1 and ).

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