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I have been a used for 15 years and this is the first time I have had problems. Let me know if you have a problem with it As an expert I only get paid if you hit the accept button so I want to make you happy and will continue working with you until you are happy.I hope that you will in turn come back and hit the accept button for me when you are satisfied that it works.

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I'd also like to provide an alternative to automatic updates called Web Connect.

This feature allows you to manually upload your transactions into QBO. Web Connect If you're still not updating, please include the name of your bank and any error codes that you are getting in your reply.

Intuit, the developer of Quicken software products, used to charge a licensing fee to financial institutions to permit transaction downloads into Quicken using its proprietary QFX download protocol.

Financial institutions often passed this fee on to the customer.

Quicken service upgrade instructions: We're upgrading our transaction download service.

I have been using Quicken software along with Wells Fargo Express Web Connect for many, many years.

Financial transaction downloading lets you quickly import transaction data directly from your bank or other financial institution (FI), saving you the time and effort required to enter that data manually.

Most financial institutions have some form of online presence, and accessing your financial information through the web and personal finance software is not difficult.

Some new accounts don't work with online banking right away.

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