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Inside, the film is announced and Tarantino walks out in front of the screen to rapturous applause, taking his place to watch the movie. ' he shouts as the lights go dim, and the crowd laughs appreciatively so he yells some more. It appears there is a problem in the projection room.

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Photograph by Philip Sinden Outside the cinema where his new film is opening in Berlin, Quentin Tarantino and Zoe Bell, who was Uma Thurman's stunt double in Kill Bill and now stars in Death Proof, pose for pictures by a big black car - the murder weapon in the movie, driven by Kurt Russell's embittered and twisted ex-stuntman. ' shouts a male voice from the crowd, and the director offers a goofy smile in return along with yet another two-fingered salute.

No one could say he short-changes his fans: he signs autographs, poses for pictures and radiates his usual geeky enthusiasm until he is dragged away so that the film can start. ' Embarrassingly, there's a long pause, then the lights come back on.

The snow provides way more traction and therefore everything is a little bit harder and the cold was just–you know when you can't feel your fingers? You've worked with Quentin Tarantino on so many films. Because Judy wasn't an action role, that was one of the things that was super exciting to me.

Those fingers are solely responsible for six horses. I'm always excited to work on a Quentin movie because the crew is so amazing and there's so many faces that it's sort of like coming home, and within the cast, there were a couple of people who were very familiar. To be on the same call sheet as those guys [including Samuel L.

(“I did a 220ft high fall on a wire where I was being unravelled…it was one of those where if this goes wrong, it could end very poorly.”) When Tarantino told her she needed to learn to drive a stagecoach, she plunged right into it with her usual fearless gumption. “It’s purely an acting role,” Bell says with just a hint of disappointment.

“It’s a smaller role but she is a very fun character.”At the age of 36, Bell is now more of an actress than a stunt woman.

Now, as part of the all-star cast of her longtime collaborator Quentin Tarantino's new film, , Bell plays "Six Horse Judy," a pure acting role that–surprise! That is, if you don't consider driving a stage coach with six horses a stunt.

"For the record, that was definitely one of the hardest skills I've had to acquire in my career–which is saying something," she tells (indeed, driving six horses seems tame compared to being unraveled down a 220-foot fall as Sharon Stone's double in .

Jackson and Kurt Russell], I was, like, I'm taking a photo of this and framing it!


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