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Believing it had the authority to elect the president, the Normal School Commission picked Rainey Wells to be the first president.On May 15, 1923, The Kentucky Court of Appeals ruled for the State Board of Education, and Carr would become Murray's first president.================================================= OK.

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The Merina were unable to pursue them onto these islands and settled on the neighbouring coast.

In 1838, the Boeni refugees asked protection from the sultan of .

These cities are the center of the Quad Cities Metropolitan Area, which as of 2013 had a population estimate of 383,781 and a CSA (Combined Statistical Area) population of 474,937, making it the 90th largest CSA in the nation.

Before European settlers came to inhabit the Quad Cities, the confluence of rivers had attracted many varying cultures of indigenous peoples, who used the waterways and riverbanks for their settlements for thousands of years.

The name of Nosy Be means "big island" in Malagasy, though the island has been granted several nicknames over centuries, being probably “Nosy Manitra” (the perfumed island) the most popular of all.

As soon as you arrive at Fascene’s airport your nose will soon understand why.

Scenting ylang ylang, coffee, cacao, vanilla and sugar cane plantations spread all over the island distil a balmy fragrance that will delight your sense of smell.

The yellow Ylang Ylang flower is one of the products used in the production of perfume essence.

At the time of European encounter, it was a home and principal trading place of the Sauk and Fox tribes of Native Americans.

Saukenuk was the principal village of the Sauk tribe and birthplace of its 19th-century war chief, Black Hawk.

In 1832, Sauk chief Keokuk and General Winfield Scott signed a treaty in Davenport after the US defeated the Sauk and their allies in the Black Hawk War.

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