Psychologists dating patients

Topic: Sexual Relationships with Patients/Former Patients Notice: A physical therapist sent the Ethics and Judicial Committee an ethics inquiry by e-mail dated May 23, 2001.

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'" Taboo as the subject of sex in therapy might be, according to The Intimate Hour, it's certainly no new phenomenon.

Baur tells us how Sigmund Freud himself predicted that intense sexual attraction would often hover dangerously near to the couch.

Art therapists and clients terminate art therapy services by attending to appropriate termination indications when it becomes reasonably clear that the client has attained stated goals and objectives, is not likely to continue services, is not likely to benefit, or is being harmed by continuing the service.

14.4 Art therapists communicate the termination of art therapy services to clients by engaging and involving the clients appropriately in the termination process.

14.5 Art therapists ensure, to the extent that it is possible, a termination process of sufficient duration so as to promote a smooth transition for the clients to another mental health practitioner or to independent functioning.

14.6 Art therapists remain especially attentive to clients’ behaviors when any danger of client regression or negative reaction to termination exists.

"What surprised me," says Baur, "was the number of therapists who came to me after the book was finished.

One of my colleagues actually said to me, 'Did I tell you about the time a fellow therapist and I fell for a set of identical twins?

You asked whether such a physical therapist would be acting unethically if he/she had a sexual relationship with the person while that person received therapy (presumably from another physical therapist or rehabilitative professional) at the facility that employs the therapist having the sexual relationship.

Your third question related to physical therapy aides.

[2009] TASSC 70, the Supreme Court of Tasmania quashed a decision of the Psychologists Registration Board of Tasmania to suspend a psychologist for 6 months for entering into a sexual relationship with a former patient fewer than 2 years after the end of the therapeutic relationship. The appropriate test must be whether a sexual relationship would exploit the client or put the health of the client at risk.

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