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Managing them on a computer makes it much faster to get everything correct before you get started.If you have your contacts in another form, there are easy ways to import them to Google, as well as scan for duplicates and so on.Have a screen break and print off some photos to pin up in real life. Add a personal touch by using the free HP Sprocket app to customise your photos with borders and emojis, making the time with your loved ones more memorable.

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I just downloaded it and it is easy to use – the feed shows up similar to Instagram and you essentially have people sharing anonymous uncensored opinions on life, love, and any topic you can think of.

Of course, inhibitions are thrown to the wind and people’s true thoughts come out.

As your Android life progresses, it's worth popping back to your core Google contacts list to check that everything is still nice and tidy.

If you're thinking of saving contacts to the SIM card and moving them over, it's not worth the effort: better to find the software to import them from your old phone to your PC, to then feed them to Google. Many manufacturers offer transfer tools to help you move old content to new places.

Living in New York City, it's both exciting and frustrating to be single.

Sometimes, you just need dating advice from a professional.

Google incorporates a contacts system which hides within Gmail on your desktop browser.

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