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The tell's location is strategically incomparable: the northern and southern sides are defended by deep ravines, through which the Harod (Wadi Jalud) and Asi Rivers flow, until they converge to the east of the mound.

The site commands the main road descending from the Jezreel and Harod Valleys to the Beth-Shean Valley, which was a segment of the international highway that, even today, connects Israel's northern coastal plain with Transjordan.

I know that a whole day off might not be possible, but introducing some quietness and deliberate rest time can be tremendously helpful.

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Before the advent of techniques, all dating was relative except where links with historical events could be proved.

Some of these techniques, mainly stratigraphy and seriation, are still useful where chronometric dates cannot be obtained.

During this waxing lunar phase, a hair cut will encourage growth right up until the full moon.

Think of it as the "Werewolf effect": the full moon makes hair grow fast, thick, long and luscious.

Theoretically, floating chronologies which cannot be tied to an absolute date (e.g.

certain dendrochronological sequences) are relative chronologies even though the techniques are essentially chronometric.

Between 1921-1933, widespread excavations were conducted at Tel Beth-Shean by a team from the University Museum of the University of Pennsylvania, directed consecutively by Clarence Fisher, Alan Rowe, and Gerald Fitz Gerald.

This expedition exposed an Early Arab dwelling quarter which covered the entire tel, a round church and dwelling quarter of the Byzantine Period on the mound's summit, and the remains of a monumental Roman temple.

A relative date is a date which can be said to be earlier than, later than, or contemporary with an event but which (unlike an absolute date) cannot be measured in calendar years.

When archaeologists say that event A occurred before or after event B, they have a relative date for A.

To the east of the mound, in the Beth-Shean Valley, this latitudinal road intersects with the important longitudinal thoroughfare which traverses the Jordan Valley.


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