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Rekindled romances are easy to find with social media.

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"These technologies are not going away," says Boyd, whose book, It's Complicated: The Social Lives of Networked Teens, cites her 10 years of fieldwork documenting teens on Internet usage. We need young people to learn to navigate these environments responsibly.

We do our youth a disservice when we simply exclude them from these dynamics and then expect them to figure it all out when they're off in college." Stranger danger is a leading concern among parents, Boyd says.

An analysis of online dating site reviews shows there's much to be wary of -- and not just the risk of meeting a loser.

The crew at Site, which collects reviews of websites, went through about 10,000 reviews of online dating sites and found some disturbing patterns.

Author Ingrid Cummings cites neuroscience to help readers become latter day big picture Renaissance People.

Almost 24 year ago, lighting struck and two strangers who were staring at each other from across a crowded room fell in love at first sight. We ended up parting ways, knowing the love we had would never fade. Julie Spira brings to us her memoirs of her 15 years of online dating and a range of those memorable moments she has experienced, some great and others not worth the effort.From the Investment Banker and the Neurologist to the Latin Lover, we laugh, empathise and experience a variety of feelings when we see what Julie went through from being told she looked like a date's dead wife to being proposed to with skywriting.I asked a lot of questions, only to find out we both had similar life experiences apart.If your Valentine's Day seems a bit empty this year and you've decided to go online to find your next love interest, watch your step.Generalists maximize their leisure, have more fun, and develop better economic prospects.


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