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This series investigates mysteries -- some from national headlines and others that go relatively unnoticed -- by using personal accounts and expert analysis to take viewers through every twist and turn.

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Topics include a potential Smoker-in-Chief, Obama as a target of racist violence, Superbowl commercials, and humor at the expense of the overweight.

If you’re like me, there’s nothing better than settling into the couch after a long day’s work and flipping on the television to Investigation Discovery.

In 2013, The Atlantic published Hanna Rosin’s cover story “Murder by Craigslist”—the chilling tale of Richard Beasley and his teenage accomplice, Brogan Rafferty, who used Craigslist ads to lure unsuspecting men to their grisly deaths.

SPRINGFIELD -- Seth Green, 27, had only been dating Amanda Plasse for about a week before she was fatally stabbed. Rosa-Roman watched another man kill Plasse, defense lawyer Donald W. He said the 24-year-old Rosa-Roman was afraid of the man who killed Plasse, so he did not tell police who it was.

Consider the fact that Robin Roberts is believed to pull down between $10 million and $14 million as a co-anchor at ABC’s “Good Morning America,” the nation’s most-watched morning-news program, according to a recent survey of industry salaries, or that Katie Couric, at the height of her popularity, was reported in 2008 by the Journal to be earning an annual salary of $15 million to anchor “CBS Evening News.” Making matters more complex is the fact that many Fox News counter-suitors have been spending money of their own.

ABC News now must shoulder a hefty salary for Michael Strahan, who has joined “Good Morning America” as a co-anchor with Roberts and George Stephanopoulos.

He went to his grandmother's house, then went back to Plasse's apartment building.

He saw that the porch window was broken, then popped the door open.

CNN recently signed primetime anchor Anderson Cooper to a new, multi-year deal that keeps him from co-hosting the syndicated morning program “Live” with Kelly Ripa.

NBCUniversal is believed to be on the hook to pay out a contract to Billy Bush, who recently left the network in the wake of a controversy involving Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

It’s kitschy and riveting—the ultimate guilty pleasure. ID initially launched in the mid-1990s as the Discovery Civilization Network, anchoring its programming in anthropological documentaries and historical reenactments.


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