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Let me put it into perspective as others have alluded to.

It brings out the instability in those that are easily overwhelmed or influenced by a new sense of popularity and attention. What I mean is that online dating, for MANY, lends itself to the "next, next, next, and next, best thing".

While almost universally panned, Online Dating can actually be a wonderful thing.

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And it is no coincidence that attitudes towards online dating have shifted: Online dating among young adults, the data shows, has tripled since 2013.

More from The Daily Dot: “The last days of Hitchbot”This revealing new data comes from a survey of 2,000 American adults from different age groups.

Things need to go back to the good ole days instead of crap like this!!!

In my personal opinion, dating sites has ruined everything, and everyone, what has happened to getting out, and about to find someone like they use to in the good ole days????

Men/ women aren't articles of clothing, jewelry, or things like that!!!

Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Love is love, no matter how far apart you two may live. There’s good news for people who use online dating as a primary way to meet people: you’re no longer considered sad and pathetic.So if you are a person that is easily influenced by this stuff, NOT EVERYONE, but many, will be a secret multi-dating machine trying to decide who you want to date. If you are not upfront with people in that you are talking to multiple people, you are being dishonest. If you are doing this for 2 years, there is something wrong.Some people have an index number of 4 people at a time.I know a couple that have been dating online for almost seven months, now.


  1. So why are we different here at Free Dating America?

  2. "Maybe, maybe not," she said Thursday (October 23) on Ryan Seacrest's KIIS-FM radio show, when asked if they were an item. I haven't really been answering the question much just because we're just really happy with everything and the way everything has worked out. "After my last two years, there's been a lot of things that happened, so I've learned just not to judge anyone and go into our friendship with an open mind and not really worry about the age or anything," she explained.

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