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It’s unlikely you will see what Alex Janvier sees; the swirling, merging colours of the elements that form the unique vision of the 81-year-old Denesuline Salteaux artist.His work, more than 150 pieces, is on display in a major retrospective at the National Gallery of Canada.You can say that you want all the yellow pom poms on this side and the red ones on the other and then wonder out loud how many there are.

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I had a nice experience with Agora Gallery and I would be ready to renew this experience.

I have already recommended Agora Gallery to a photographer I know! Dalence Everyone at Agora was friendly and professional and made me feel at ease for my opening reception as well as the whole process of selecting the work, dropping it off etc.

Both the ground floor and upper floor are bright, light and spacious.

I appreciate all the help and guidance the staff at Agora gave me in the months leading up to my exhibition.

One of these, Spring Equinox, dominates with glorious colour the show’s opening room, which is dotted with 34 such circles all painted since the 1970s.

Since it was established in 1984, Agora Gallery has been dedicated to connecting artists with art collectors and actively promoting artists in the New York art scene. The exhibition was great, and my presentation as an artist in the magazine ARTis Spectrum was excellent. I was very delighted to see how the Agora Gallery team was able to promote an artist like me.

More than anything you can mirror what the students are doing and just listen.

At the kitchen area you can sit down at the play table and ask a child what they are cooking you or ask them what they feel like having for dinner.

Janvier was always an artist, even though as a child he may not have totally recognized that fact. That became his escape from the harsh world of the school. It has been a very, very important part of my being.” Despite the hardship of the school, Janvier persevered. These more representational paintings gave way to more abstract and modernist works, many of which are on circular canvases.

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