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An almost complete skeleton of a 4,000-year-old child (shown in image) has been found in Orkney, Scotland.The child - who is believed to have been between 10 and 12 years old at the time of death - was discovered by walker and tour guide Carrie Brown, 32The pictures of the subsequent excavation of the grave show how complete skeleton was carefully removed from the site on Sunday.The power of the winds, the fertility of the soil, the lack of trees and the easily splittable sandstone rock - all have their place in the way human life here was shaped and preserved.

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Caroline Wickham-Jones is an experienced archaeologist who has worked on and written about sites across Scotland and Scandanavia.

Her Orkney: A Historical Guide was first published in 1998 and has been updated and re-issued a number of times since then.

Orkney may seem a bit out-of-the-way (though you can't see the edge of the world from there, as Pytheas of Marseille claimed in 330 BCE).

But for a large part of her 10,000 years of habitation, the sea roads made her nearer to being at the heart of things than the edge.

Wickham-Jones' clear writing, expertise and obvious enthusiasm for her subject make her brand-new 2015 Guide a must-read for anyone drawn to this approximately 70-island-strong historical treasure trove.

to see, and one of the confusing things about visiting Orkney is the way remains from so many different historical periods often sit cheek-by-jowl in the landscape.

Lambs are born and skip around the fields and cattle taste their first fresh grass as they are turned out after a winter in a warm byre.

Seabirds arrive in their thousands to nest on the cliff ledges.

a" data-cycle-allow-wrap="false" data-cycle-fx="carousel" data-cycle-timeout="4096" data-cycle-speed="1024" data-cycle-carousel-visible="5" data-cycle-carousel-fluid="true" data-cycle-swipe="true" data-cycle-prev="#prev255" data-cycle-next="#next255"Spring in Orkney is a magical time when wildflowers carpet the islands and the days lengthen after the long winter.

The month of May has the second highest average hours of sunshine of the year, after August.

Evidence of human occupation of the remote Orkney Isles appears at around the fourth millennium BC.


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